Fort Collins Market Trends: Unlocking the Potential of the Fort Collins Real Estate Market in 2023

Fort Collins Market Trends: Unlocking the Potential of the Fort Collins Real Estate Market in 2023

  • Feliz Monjarez
  • 12/21/22

Unlocking the Potential of the Fort Collins Real Estate Market 

On your search for a single family home? Or a luxury home in Fort Collins. Get to know the Fort Collins real estate market first.

The Fort Collins real estate market has been on a steady climb for years and shows no signs of slowing down. Located 65 miles north of Denver, Fort Collins has positioned itself as an attractive alternative to buyers who may have been priced out of the Mile High City. With an average home price of $444,360 according to, the market is growing steadily and attracting attention from investors,first time home buyers and retirees across Colorado and beyond. Let’s take a look at why the Fort Collins real estate market is so attractive. 


A Growing Population & Steady Employment 

The fourth most populous city in Colorado, Fort Collins has seen its population grow by almost 8% since 2010 according to US Census data. With a population of over 170,000 people, that growth shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. In addition to its growing population, Fort Collins boasts a strong economy with unemployment rates consistently below 4%. This means that potential buyers are more likely to have stable jobs and incomes which will make them better candidates when they apply for mortgages or other financing options. Furthermore, it also means that potential tenants are more likely to be reliable renters who will pay their rent on time every month.  

Increasing prices in Denver have forced those on a tighter budget to consider alternative markets such as Fort Collins. This influx of buyers has driven up demand and caused prices to rise accordingly. Additionally, as the fourth most populous city in Colorado, there is a larger pool of prospective buyers which helps support a healthy housing market. Finally, with its proximity to Denver and access to amenities such as job opportunities and entertainment, many people are attracted to living in this city which further drives up demand for homes. 


Affordability Compared to Denver 

With prices continuing to climb in Denver, many buyers are now looking outside the city limits for more affordable options. Enter Fort Collins which offers an average price point that is around 20% lower than the Mile High City but still highly desirable due to its close proximity and booming economy. This combination makes it easy for investors and home buyers alike to see why investing in Fort Collins real estate can be such a lucrative opportunity. Additionally, with a median household income above $50k per year according to US Census data, potential buyers have access to enough disposable income each month that allows them much greater flexibility when it comes time for making large purchase decisions like buying property in this area  .  


What Does This Mean For Real Estate Investors? 

For all intents and purposes, the Fort Collins real estate market has taken the recovery and run with it – meaning that now is an ideal time for real estate investors to get involved in this market. With increasing demand comes rising prices; making it an ideal opportunity for investors who want to capitalize on appreciating property values over time by buying low and selling high or collecting rental income from tenants. Experts expect the area to continue growing for the foreseeable future; making it an attractive option for both short-term investments and long-term strategic moves within your portfolio. 

Statistics show that Fort Collins real estate is only a small fraction of Colorado's vast 1,761,752 properties and 31,428 homes for sale. While it might not seem that way at first glance, the area's average home price and value greatly influence the overall average for the entire state. has found there are 905 Fort Collins housing market properties currently up for sale and another 2,029 that have recently sold – a clear sign that buyers in this area remain confident in their market forecast.

The real estate market in Fort Collins is a hot one, and unfortunately for some, an expensive one too. With the cost of living at $59,400; the city of Fort Collins is 2.3 percent more than the rest of the state. This has led to a modest 0.8 percent decrease in population over the course of the year. The forecast looks good with unemployment being below national averages and promise of job growth coupled with high demand, despite not being affordable. Every housing in


The Fort Collins real estate market offers something for everyone - whether you’re looking for short-term gains through flipping or long-term returns through renting out properties; there are plenty of opportunities here! With its proximity to Denver, robust job opportunities and attractive amenities; demand continues to increase in this area with no signs of slowing down anytime soon! With all these factors at play, now is an opportune time for anyone interested in investing in real estate within this region - so what are you waiting for? Get out there today and start exploring your options!

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Finding your dream home in the real estate market is no easy feat. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or real estate investor, it is important to enlist the help of an active real estate agent who truly understands the Fort Collins real estate market and knows how to negotiate for a great deal. With patience, optimism and persistence, having the support of a realtor can make finding your perfect house significantly less complicated. And if you’re looking in Fort Collins, Feliz Monjarez is a realtor who has found homes for many first-time buyers just like you and would love to lend her expertise to your search. Even if that dream house you have been eyeing for a long time doesn't seem attainable at first, consult with Feliz to help negotiate the most favorable offer from owner or developer. Don't navigate the real estate market alone; take advantage of all the knowledge and resources Feliz has to offer and get closer to owning your ideal home!


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